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My name is Victor, a seasoned Business Mentor with a penchant for unraveling complex challenges and transforming them into growth opportunities. With over 14 years of experience in business process improvement and change management, I’ve honed my skills in business strategy, data analysis, visualization, statistical insights, and financial modeling.

🔍 What Sets Me Apart:

I thrive on transforming raw data into actionable insights that drive strategic decisions. I excel at analyzing processes, crafting innovative solutions, and spearheading large-scale projects that propel organizations toward success. My data-driven mindset, coupled with proficiency in tools like Tableau and Excel, allows me to present findings with clarity and precision.

🔧 Crafting Success:

I’ve steered projects across multiple countries, optimizing P&L results through PDCA methodologies. My training sessions for more than 200 leaders have combined theory with practical implementation, delivering tangible solutions. I have a knack for creating insightful dashboards and leveraging data to drive spot-on decision-making.

🚀 Let’s Connect and Ignite Change Together! 🚀

Feel free to reach out via email. Let’s collaborate on projects that bring innovation, transformation, and growth to the forefront of business.

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Some companies that worked with me

How I can help your business

Business strategy

Define the best strategy for your business, based on your goals, the culture of your company and the problems you are facing right now.

Leadership training

Grow as a leader, developing the right skills to improve your team's productivity and results.

Data Analisys

I am specialized in analyzing data. Results, trends and recommendations are clearly presented in reports or tools.

Financial Modelling

P&L analysis and projections, calculating ROI, IRR, Payback and other indicators.

Data Science Portfolio

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